Costa Rica Blues + Greens

"This image was shot in The Dominican Republic, though I was certain for at least 2 years, that I took it in Costa Rica. I came across a few rolls of film from the shoot and was finally convinced. I decided to keep the name of the image and add (Dominican Republic). Aside from the story of the name...This image has amazing colors, energy and life to it that I have never been surrounded by. Glad I was able to bring it back paused on film"- Matt

All images are numbered and signed by the artist, Matt Schwartz.  Prints and framed images are printed on archival matte paper.

16 x 20 in: Limited Edition of 50.                                                                                                         18 x 24 in: Limited Edition of 35.
24 x 36 in: Limited Edition of 25.
3 x 4 ft: Limited Edition of 10.
4 x 5 ft: Limited Edition of 10.

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