From A Rooftop In August (Brazil)

"Shot from the rooftop of my hotel, overlooking Copacabana in Brazil. This image was hanging on the wall of my studio for almost a year, before it's beauty fully struck me. Once I saw it, I couldn't believe that it wasn't obvious. Shooting so much work, sometimes images get passed over or their beauty hides, among other images. Glad this one was unearthed, as it has almost sold out in the 4x5ft and is one of my most popular beach images" Matt

All images are numbered and signed by the artist, Matt Schwartz.  Prints and framed images are printed on archival matte paper.

16 x 20 in: Limited Edition of 50.

18 x 24 in: Limited Edition of 35.
24 x 36 in: Limited Edition of 25.
3 x 4 ft: Limited Edition of 10.
4 x 5 ft: Limited Edition of 10.


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