She Hit Pause - Japan Kickstarter Launches on Tuesday

April 29, 2017 1 min read

She Hit Pause - Japan Kickstarter Launches on Tuesday

After months of planning, I will be launching the Japan Polaroid/Film Kickstarter Project. I will spend 3 weeks capturing the yin/yang of Japan. I will start off in Tokyo, Photographing Video Games, Candy/Packaging,Toys, Vintage Robots and Space Toys, Kawaii, Fashion, The City, Vending Machines and Girls.

I will then travel south to throughout the rest of southern Japan, photographing Nature, Buddhist Temples and Surfing.


I will be releasing 50 new limited edition images through Kickstarter. The sizes will range from 4x5 inch - 4x5 feet.

Five people will have the opportunity to tell me what to shoot and co-art direct the image. It's going to be a fun and crazy trip. My soul and eyes are overly ready for this. As a thank you for funding the project I am releasing the work at 50-75% less than the images on my site. All of the remaining images will premier at The Affordable Art Show in NY, at my "normal" prices. Stay tuned for the gallery announcement. Psyched to have my work travel to all of the shows and ideally get the prices up, for everyone that owns work. Never the goal of my work, though why not.